The Coco Quickie – $40

30-minute makeup appointment for the babe on the go! Just eyes and lips, comes with lashes from our lash stash. 

The Glam – $60 

45-minute full face makeup appointment including foundation, lips, eyes, and lashes from our lash stash. 

The M2F - $70

For bio men who wish to present as women. This appointment is for a natural feminine look and includes a complimentary photoshoot with our ring light and sparkly backdrop if you wish to memorialize your lady day. Plan to arrive early if you'd like to shop for a new wig before your appointment! *Please note this is for a natural feminine look; if you'd prefer a more exaggerated femininity in the style of drag, you'll want to make an appointment for The Fantasy.

The Fantasy – $75-100

60-90 minute theatrical makeup appointment – everything from face painting to gore / prosthetic looks, straight from your dreams or nightmares!

The Skillz - $75

Are you new to the wonders of makeup, or perhaps just looking to add some new techniques to your skill set?  This appointment is for one-on-one instruction which can be as general or specific as you would like! You'll receive a $50 credit towards the purchase of any makeup used during your tutorial so you can practice your new techniques at home!


Makeup Party!

Gather your best babes and join us for a BYOB makeup party! You can let us know what skill or look you'd like to learn and we'll tailor a class to your preferences. A group discount will be applied; let us know how many guests and what technique you'd like to learn, and we'll provide you with our class rate.

 *All appointments require a $20 deposit at booking. This deposit is applied to the final balance. Refunds are given with 48 hours notice. By appointment only. 


If you are transitioning from male to female and would like to learn more about the wonders of makeup in a safe and supportive environment, we offer free makeup workshops for transgender women and gender non-binary people on the first Wednesday of every month 7-9pm.


For an appointment call 512.344.9173

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