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M2F Appointment Booking

Services:M2F ($100): For AMAB (assigned male at birth) guests who wish to present as women. This appointment is for a natural feminine makeup look. Plan to arrive early if you'd like to shop for a new wig before your appointment! This appointment is for makeup only, if you'd like to take advantage of our styling services (we'll dress + wig you and take photos), we recommend booking the M2F Transformation (listed below). *Please note this is for a natural feminine look; if you'd prefer a more exaggerated femininity in the style of drag, you'll want to make an appointment for The Fantasy.

M2F Transformation: An M2F makeup appointment, plus a styling session complete with wardrobe, wig, and accessories! Come play dress up with our Glamour Squad and enjoy a mini photo shoot! Photos are edited and delivered discreetly within one week of your appointment. Wig, clothing and accessories will be returned to us after your shoot, unless you'd like to purchase items to take home. Please note: we do not provide shoes or undergarments. Photos are from the hip up, so your feet won't be visible, but you're welcome to bring shoes from home, if they help you feel more femme in your pics! This session lasts about an hour and 45 minutes, and includes 1 outfit. If you'd like to add additional outfits and wigs, we can accommodate you for $50 per look, but please mention ahead when booking.

Makeup Skillz: Are you new to the wonders of makeup and seeking some one-on-one instruction to get you started? This appointment will cover all the bases, from start to finish and includes a $50 credit towards the purchase of any makeup used during your tutorial so that you can practice at home!

Makeup deposits are refundable if given 48 hours notice. M2F Transformation deposits are 50% refundable if 48 hours notice is given.

For holiday appointments (Halloween weekend + New Year's Eve), deposits are non-refundable.

Deposits are applied towards your final balance. We do not hold credit card information on file, so please bring whatever form of payment you wish to use to your appointment.

Makeup services are tax free, but gratuity is appreciated! 20% is customary, but the amount is up to your discretion.