We believe in the transformative powers of altering your ego. Interested in the art of incognito, fine-tuning your showgirl artifice, or embracing your inner-unicorn? We have something for that! We're spreading our love for maximalist glamour and creative expression through Wig Parties, special events and a unique shopping experience. Since 2010, Coco Coquette has been the destination for everything feathered, teased, bejeweled and whimsical. Like if Marie Antoinette and John Waters had a love child; we're decadent and irreverent and we want to put a wig on your head!

It is our mission to provide a safe and beautiful space where all are welcome to explore the different facets of themselves; for some that might be altering their ego, for others, it's about connecting with their authentic selves.

In Coco Coquette, you will find:

  • Ready-to-wear wigs of every cut, style and color, as well as custom one-of-a-kind show-stopping coiffures!
  • False lashes from Eyemimo, La Charme, Kryolan, Chimera and Pink Pyrite
  • Cosmetics by theBalm, Besamé, Medusa's Makeup, Rituel de Fille, Winky Lux, Uniglitter, Kryolan and Mehron
  • Fragrance by Hi Wildflower, Kelly + Jones, Aroma M, and Under Aurora
  • Oxalis and Under Aurora Skincare and Apothecary
  • Double Dare Korean Skincare Sheet Masks
  • Vintage (and beyond) Sunglasses
  • Adornments by Local and Favorite Jewelers
  • Vintage Costumes and Glittering Party Clothes
  • Crystal Crowns, Showgirl Headdresses, Unique Masks
  • Hosiery, Gloves and Pasties
  • More dazzle than you can shake your wig at!

So visit us today at our brick-and-mortar locations in Austin, Texas or Denver, Colorado or shop online now! Can't find what you're seeking? Get in touch!