How do I book a party?  

The first step is to fill out our inquiry form for Austin or Denver to inquire about the date that you’re interested in.  If the date is available, we require a deposit in order to book, which is payable by all major credit cards over the phone, or in person. Your remaining balance is due before the party begins. Please note that we can only split the final balance between two payments, so if you wish for your guests to contribute, have them pay you directly.  If everyone pays us individually, it takes a loooong time, when we’d rather be having the PARTY!

What time is the party?  

Private  parties are held after regular store hours.  Monday - Saturday, parties start  promptly  at 7:30.  On Sunday, parties begin at 6:30.  Please note the different party duration according to guest count. Your group will be charged an additional $25 for every half hour over your end time that you exceed.   We know our space is fun and we’re glad you think so too - but we want you to take your new glamorous looks on the town (and we'd like to send our employees home);  thanks for being considerate!

Can we get there early to set up?  

Yes!  It’s important that we start parties on time, so we invite guests to arrive as early as 1/2 an hour before your start time (private parties only), if they would like to set up refreshments, or need extra time to get settled.  We request that the host arrive no later than 15 minutes prior to the party, to settle their balance and greet guests.

What should we bring?  

We have a vintage buffet and bar cabinet for you to set up food and drinks, but everything else in that department is up to you! Cocktails / Champagne / Cups / Cupcakes / Plates / Napkins…? Whatever it is that you want to serve at your party! There are a few eateries in the neighborhood that deliver or cater if that’s more your style:


Eastside Pies (Rosewood Location)

Noon Mediterranean


True Food

Quickie Pickie - neighborhood store across the street from us carries beer, wine and alcohol- free beverages galore!

*If you are planning on serving alcoholic beverages at your party, everyone in your group must be 21 years of age.  And please consider having a taxi, Uber, Lyft, or party bus pick you up to shuttle you to your next destination!

What NOT to bring:  

Your inhibitions, self-editing and….BOAS. Please, no feather boas! They shed like crazy, the dye rubs off on our couch and it tacks on another 30 minutes to our clean up at the end of the night! Every other accessory under the sun is welcome, but leave those turkey feathers at home.

Do we get our makeup done there?  

In order for everyone to get equal “face time,” we limit our makeup artistry to eyes and lips. This means your guests should come with their foundation/ concealer already good to go. If you would like to purchase false eyelashes while you’re here, we will also apply them for you and give you a little tutorial on how to apply them yourself in the future!  Please do not bring lashes from home.

Which wigs are included in our party?  

If you fall in love with a wig that is not included in the party, you may use your $30 credit towards its purchase!

Can I see the wigs that are offered in the party beforehand?  

We have a rotating selection of different styles and many colors in those styles that are offered during Wig Parties! We don't have a list of them all, as the selection rotates depending on availability.

How many wigs can we try on?  

We encourage everyone to keep the number of wigs they try on to 3 or under. It's our experience that the more you try, the harder your decision becomes!  

Can we take pictures?  

We have fun sparkly photo backdrops as well as a ring light that you are welcome to take photos with. We also offer The Insta add-on, allowing you take physical photos by which to remember your party!

What should we wear?  

The wigs often inspire people to want to step away from their typical everyday wardrobe. Depending on whether you’re going for a “natural” look or something more colorful all depends on you! Our Austin location has a small selection of vintage dresses and jumpsuits available for purchase, in case you have a mid-party altered-ego wardrobe crisis ;)

Is it customary to tip?  

Yes! Gratuity is not included in the price of your party and is up to your discretion… Tips will happily be divided evenly among the staff that serves you. If you would like to tip on your credit card, please let us know at checkout, as we do not have a "tip line" on our receipt.

Can we add more people to our party?  

Yes! If you are planning on inviting extra people, please give us a final head count 1 week prior to your party.

What if someone in the party doesn’t want a wig- do they still have to pay?  

We encourage everyone who attends the party to participate!  Even if that means stepping out of their “comfort zone” for a few hours, and putting on a wig.  So yes, we charge by the “head.”

What is your cancellation policy?  

Your deposit is non-refundable. If something comes up and you need to change your date, please give us at least 3 weeks notice. Failing to give proper notice will incur a $100 rescheduling fee for parties of 6-8, and $150 for parties of 9 or over. Your final guest count is due 1 week in advance of your party; if you have guests that drop out last minute, you will not be refunded the deposit fee for those guests.

Where do we park?  

Our Austin location has 3 parking spaces in the front of our building and three spaces in back. You can also find parking on one of our side streets, Anthony or Caney. Please do not park in our neighbor’s lots! If you're planning on taking a car service from the shop after your party, you are welcome to leave your vehicle in our front lot over night; we just ask that you come grab it before our business hours the following day (11am).

Our Denver location has plenty of street parking!

So, we're all dolled up, and our Wig Party is over. Now what?  

If you're unfamiliar with the city of your Wig Party, we'll be happy to send you some recommendations of where to eat/dance/drink; just specify whether you'll be visiting Austin or Denver, so we're sure to point you in the right direction ;)


Ready to book?

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