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Thinking PINK: Barbiecore at Coco Coquette!

Thinking PINK: Barbiecore at Coco Coquette!

Darlings, it’s time to get ready for the pink carpet! Margot and Ryan have us all rushing out of the real world and into Barbie’s Malibu mansion for some fun in the California sun. Let us help you find your pot of pink glitter at the end of the rainbow with our  Lunautics Chunky Glitter in Cotton Kandi ! Complete your pink pout with Aromi Lip in Pink Peonies  Fun fact about Aromi lip products: they are vegan and cruelty-free; glide on, then dry to a lasting matte finish.  Your perfectly pink self will be ready to dance all night without missing a beat! At Coco Coquette, we can get your whole dream team ready for the big premiere. Have you heard what our friends at the Alamo Draft House have on the menu for all things BarbielandBrunches, BarbieCore Costume screenings, Barbie PJ Parties, and more pink opportunities galore. Coco Coquette is the only place in Austin where you can get ready from your crown to the tips of your custom nails. We have a new nail artist in the shop, and she is ready to make your dream claws a reality. Sadé Lawson is an experienced artist; from huge murals to the tiny canvas on the tips of your fingers, she can custom create the perfect hands for your best Barbie wave! 

Doing the matineé? It’s never too early to rise and sparkle at Coco! Get your gang together and book a morning Wig Party - yes! We host private parties before the shop opens, so you can get glam for the day ahead! Imagine hosting your very own Barbie Dream House Party. We provide everything you need to transform into your most Barbietastic selves! Our shop of sparkles is filled with bits and baubles for you and your besties to try; from makeup to earrings and everything inbetween. Morning parties begin at 10am and end at 12pm and you’ll have the whole shop to your beautiful selves. Barbie herself would be pink with envy. Come on, Barbie, let’s go party! 

Can you imagine the stir you'll create when you prance into Taquero Mucho for a little snack and all the selfies? Talk about matchy-matchy in all the best ways! Want a little pick-me-up and something as sweet as you look? How about a cult-worthy VooDoo Doughnut with a little espresso and a side of pink storefront photo shoot? Yas, honey. Yas! 

So, you’ve got your Perfect Pink Hair, or maybe you went Barbie Blonde and your Starry Eyed Sunnies on, but you need just a little something extra? At Coco Coquette, we believe ‘extra’ isn’t extra at all, it’s just right! More is perfect. Your crowning glory awaits in our headdress selection! Check out this fancy femme Sweet Headdress for inspo, but you just know we’ve got tons more goodies for grabbing! Our handmade headdresses fly off the shelf faster than we can even post them online, so if you're in the Austin area, you just have to come in person and see for yourself. It’s a wonderland of creative self-expression in here and we can’t wait to share it all with you! Of course we will ship and create your custom Barbie Movie topper, just reach out and let us know what you need! 

Let us make your make-up dreams come true, too! We have so many levels of professional make-up artist offerings on the menu at Coco Coquette, we know we have the perfect selection to go with your Barbie Movie tickets. You can choose The Glam and let our pros do it all for you! Foundation to lashes, love. You will love admiring yourself in the mirror and on the selfie wall. Want to come in with the groundwork already laid? Treat yourself to a Coco Quickie! We do lips, lids and lashes in a flash so you can be your Barbie best and be on your way to the show. Add a wig to turn it into a MIni-Sesh and get your make-up for even less! Are you a Ken Doll seeking to release your inner Barbie? Book a M2F and get your groove on, darling. 

Speaking of make-up, you are bound to love your new lewk,  and we can send it with you to-go so you can recreate your sparkle from home. Shop our curated and glamorous selection of top-quality cosmetics, like Besamé Magic Pink Lipstick and Chunky Glitter Lashes to match. Rouge those cheeks with Winky Lux Cheeky Roses and add the finishing touch with Kryolan Natural Glitter.  It’s eco-friendly; plastic free and biodegradable. Loving yourself and planet Earth never looked so sparkly! 

You are going to want to party in pink and post your pics after the Barbie Movie, so book some tix to the Museum of Ice Cream! They have all the backdrops and vignettes of your thinking pink ice cream dreams! There’s a reason they are the most shared museum in history (and HER-story!). At Coco Coquette, we have done our own photo shoots at the Museum and we can tell you first hand: Barbie and Ken have never looked so good. Get in there and play it up! 

And, OMG Squee, lest we forget! Did you know that our east Austin neighbor OMG Squee was featured on season 6 of Queer Eye? Sarah Lim  may be famous now, but she is still making the sweetest sweets in town and still in the shop herself. Go by for some pink love, strawberry milk soft serve and oh, yeah, more selfies! All her treats are gluten-free as well! 

The Barbie Movie is destined to be the blockbuster of the summer, and summer in Texas is prime movie time. Don’t just go see it, honey, go be it! And let us at Coco Coquette help you do just that! We are ready and waiting to sparkle you from head to toe, so jump in your Barbie car or rollerblade on in here and let’s get to glittering!

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