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Hold onto your Wigs! Halloween is just around the corner.

Glamorous or Ghastly? Sexy Siren or Serpent Headed Medusa? Whatever your fancy or fantasy, Austin’s favorite holiday is upon us. No sooner than you can hang up your ACL Headdress, it’ll be time for spirits & sprites, fairies & fetishes:  Ghouls in the know shop Coco

Woman wearing high necked lace vintage dress and crispy rose gold wig, with a skull headdress stares fiercely into camera

Woman wearing purple taffeta vintage dress and magenta wig with unicorn headdress, twirls hair

Are you feeling low on Inspo? Don’t know witch-a-way to go-go? Never fear, dears, come closer while we tell you a tale of our Multi-Vendor Vintage Costume Yard Sale! Our 8th Annual Sale comes just in time to dress you and yours to the nines! We bring together multiple vendors to complement our own collection and there is something for everyone! Build your whole Halloween lewk from the ground up in one day, honey! Our expert wig-whisperers and styling mavens will be on hand to accent you perfectly from hair hat to filigree claws, y’all. This year marks eight fabulous years of this sale happening on Sunday OCt 22nd from 12 to 5 at our shop Coco Coquette, 2109 E Cesar Chavez, ATX 78702. We bring together a curated collection from some of the biggest Costume Queens on the scene! Some of this year’s vendors include Bre Lembitz of Ministry + Muse, Modern Language Vintage, Reclaimed Magic, and more!

BOO! BOO! BOOKING! Not to scare you, but…  although we always have extended hours leading up to the High Halloween Holiday to accommodate your every costuming and make-up vision, you best light a cauldron under your bums, witchy ones, because our Wig Parties, Flash Parties, More-GlaMore Seshes, and Individual Make-Up Sessions are gone in a wave of the wand! Whether you want a dramatic eye and lips that last through the final fatal kiss, or you have a whole Fantasy Face conjured up, we can make your wishes come true. Book early! 


We have a service to fit your style from the Quickie (Lips, eyes,& lashes, baby.You come correct with your base face in place) or The Glam (45 minute full-face with or without jewels, includes lashes) to The Fantasy (full theatrical make-up, elaborate face paint, prosthetics) or MoreGlaMore (Photo Shoot with shots you will want to share! Stylists, lights, close-ups, and accessories) We can even teach you how to DIY this stuff, love. Book a one-on-one instructional class for any make-up skill set you want to attain to dazzle Austin during Halloween. Do note that on Saturday, Oct 28th, we are only taking Glam, Fantasy, and M2F appointments (sorry, no Quickies), and appointments start at $100 (more for the extended gore/ prosthetics/ jewel encrusted extras!)


We foresee a séance in your future. Come join us in the otherworldly realm with our newest Coquette, and acclaimed medium, Nicole Riccardo, of The Real Ghosts of… Did you ever use the Ouija Board to have a chat beyond the veil? Spend a slumber party playing “Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board” or scare yourself senseless with terrifying tales told in the dark? Us too! Gather with Austin’s own team of paranormal detectives who look to the untold stories in Austin’s past and uncover just what does go bump in the night. Sign up HERE for The Halloween Séance taking place in our parlour on Nov 2 (Day of the Dead). 1920s costuming optional, but highly encouraged. 


Why wait for the parade to pass you by when you can lead it? Nothing says, “The Party has Arrived” like a High Halloween Headdress or Custom Wig! Get ready for the paparazzi photo requests wherever you roam in our creations made to match your wildest dreams!

Custom orders for headpieces and super-styled wigs are among our favorite things to conjure in the Coco-Coquette shop, and they are the showstoppers that take the most time to create. Don’t wait! Share your vision and we’ll bring it to life in time for you to dazzle at multiple parties. Our request sheet is at capacity, so hit us up if you'd like to add your name to the waitlist for something bespoke and bespooky! Otherwise, you can shop our line of original pieces that we’ll be rolling out fresh each week; follow our insta for first dibs!

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