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Well look at you, darling! You’ve just wrapped your Coco Coquette Wig Party! You and your squad are looking better than ever. This is your night! You’ve had your eyes sparkled, your lashes are lushly fluttering (and professionally applied by one of our MUAs) and your pouty lips are puckered for the selfie of all selfies. One of our resident Wig Whisperer Goddesses has seen that your ‘do is ready for its close-up and you are feeling oh-so-fine.

Be sure you get your first set of wig party photos snapped right in the Coco Coquette shop or on our wall out front. Who knows? You might find fame on our Instagram Page! Now that it’s time for all of Austin to admire your new look, where to go, where to go?

Drinks Lounge & Records in Austin, TexasWe know Austin like the back of our own rhinestone glove, love. Look no further, we’ve got some winning recs for Austin hot spots coming at you below. Now, we’re not just saying this because Drinks Lounge & Records is our neighbor, but many of our glammed up beauties walk right down the block and make Drinks Lounge their first stop. Don’t let that low-key exterior fool you, flirty. You want a frozen concoction with an aloe leaf, a rainbow flag and a paper umbrella? They’ve got you.

Across the street from Drinks, you'll find more dranks at that 70s bar, High Noon! And just a ways down the road (about 7 blocks East), you'll find the newest kid on our block: Lovebirds. The interior is colorful, and the cocktails are inspired.

Kinda Tropical in Austin, TexasNeed a bite with your bevvy? We’re super partial to the fine folx at Kinda Tropical! Go a little bit deeper east than Coco is located, and relax with laid back snacks of a high caliber with an East Austin vibe that just can’t be faked.

Fancy a little bit fancier? Level up with a late night dinner at Justines!

If you aren’t wasting a night of rhinestone lashes on a pool-less patio, make your appearance at Kitty Cohen’s with a 70s vibe complete with Burt Reyonlds’ smokey stare and a mini-pool for all your posing needs. After a bowl of Key Punch (but please, don’t drive) you’ll be ready to migrate downtown to some of our favorite Austin dancing spots.

Rain on 4th Club in Austin, TexasYour booty was made for shakin’ and the 4th Street District awaits! (used to rightly be called the Warehouse District, but we can’t seem to find those former warehouses nowhere, honey. No worries, we like dance floors better anyway) We want to see you on the huge lighted dance floor at Rain! Take your Coco Wig out for a spin and you will be the belle of the ball, Rain always lifts our spirits to the heavens!

Want that super exclusive feel while the paparazzi chase you? Book a reso at Midnight Cowboy to sip a libation made tableside just for you. Rub tootsies under the table and we bet you find your inner-twin’s name at that very moment. Take your new alter-ego straight to Cheer Up Charlie’s and dance the night away under the stars with like-minded fabulous ones. Cheer Ups has had our heart for a long time and at Coco Coquette, we know you will fall in love with them, too.

Perchance you and your krewe are looking for an experience that transports you to another time and place? Well, you know we love to keep it weird here in ATX, so book your very own trip to the other side at The Eureka Room! We can’t tell you much, and they won’t either, but trust us: it’s forty minutes in heaven and you won’t stop talking about it for months on end.

Devil May Care in Austin, TexasA little more mellow, you say? Never fear, dear, we know the way. What you want to do is get yourself some Underground Sounds at Devil May Care. They have it all! Bites, breaks, and blow jobs! It’s a jazz bar, silly. It’s literally their jobs to blow the trumpet and sax. You naughty monkey, you. You’ll fit the bill in fresh hair from our magical wig room!

And lastly, but not leastly, because so many of you come to us for the best bachelorette events in all of Texas: where can the bachelorette party go to play and stay? Well, that’s a whole ‘nother blog post, dearheart. Check back for our ultimate guide to bachelorette from budget to baller in Austin, Texas!

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