Please Note: Due to COVID-19 we are not currently hosting Wig Parties in our shop, but you can still book for a date in the future and we will co-ordinate with you based on when we reopen our brick-and-mortar stores. Can't wait? Try our new DIY Wig Parties! And please make sure to follow us on social media or subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with our gradual reopening!

The Coco Coquette Wig Party

  • 2-3 hour party (depending on number of guests – see pricing)
  • Everyone goes home with a wig
  • Makeup artist will add drama (and glitter) to your look
  • Guests are welcome to bring refreshments and Spotify playlist


    Private Party Pricing (includes tax)

    • 6 people / $394.85 / 2 hours
    • 7 people /  $437.33 / 2 hours
    • 8 people / $499.80 / 2.5 hours
    • 9 people / $562.28 / 2.5 hours
    • 10 people / $624.75 / 2.5 hours
    • 11 people / $687.23 / 3 hours
    • 12 people / $749.70 / 3 hours
    • 13 people / $812.18 / 3 hours
    • 14 people / $874.65 / 3 hours
    • 15 people / $937.13 / 3 hours
    • 16 people / $999.60 / 3 hours
    • 17 people / $1062.08 / 3 hours
    • 18 people / $1124.55 / 3 hours
    • 19 people / $1187.03 / 3 hours
    • 20 people / $1249.50 / 3 hours

    A non-refundable deposit is required at booking; if you're unsure of the number of guests who will be attending, we recommend booking for fewer, then adding to your reservation when your guests confirm. We ask that your final guest count is delivered no less than 1 week from your scheduled party.

    Our parties are hosted in house at our 2 locations in Austin, Texas and Denver, Colorado. For large parties (over 30 guests), or corporate events, we offer on location services; please contact us for custom pricing.


    Wig Party Add-ons

      The Insta
      : Rent our Instax instant film camera for adorable take home mini photos! Instant gratification, and makes a great memento for a wedding book. $30 - includes 1 pack of 10 sheet film. Additional film available for purchase for $10/ pack.

      The Wink: Pre-pay for lashes for your group! $5 per guest (if not everyone wants lashes, people can pay separately for their lash add-on, which then costs between $6-$20, depending on what style they choose)

      The Mystic: Have one of our favorite tarot readers come read for each of your guests, offering them insight and clarity to a specific question or quandary! $125 per hour. For 6 guests, we recommend 1.5 hours. For 7-8 guests, 2 hours. 9-10 guests 2.5 hours. 11-12 guests 3 hours


      Flash Parties

      Do you have early dinner reservations? Or maybe the date you tried to book is unavailable? We host parties during shop hours at both of our locations! Flash parties are a great way to kick off your celebration; come in and pick out a wig and have your makeup done by one of our pros- we'll have you lookin' fly before the next stop on your route. We can book as few as 2 or as many as 16 guests for our daytime soirees! Price per guest is $59.54, which includes tax, but not gratuity.

      Because Flash Parties occur during shop hours, they are not private. We provide a makeup artist here for you, and everyone gets to choose their Spirit Wig in our vintage wig salon. If you'd like to bring something to drink, we recommend an easy serve/ single pour beverage (not requiring mixers), and please no food, as our space is somewhat limited when the shop is open to the public. 





      Ready to book?

      Call us at (512) 344-9173 (for Austin) or 

      (720) 768-4030 (for Denver)

      Or click to book online for Austin and for Denver.


      The small print: Guests must be over the age of 14.
      Guests under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent.
      Must be over 21 to consume alcohol on the premises.
      Photos from your wig party may be posted online!