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Some of our favorite occasions to costume are in the Spring! That's right- if you're saving all of your costume enthusiasm for Halloween, you could be missing out on a whole year of self-expression, joy, and frippery!

First, I'll go ahead and say it again: you don't actually need a reason to adorn yourself. Being alive here, on this planet, in these strange and complicated times, are reason enough to find something special in your closet, swipe some glitter on your face, and gather with your people. But, if you really want a holiday of sorts to help with the theme, here are some of our Springtime faves to get you started!

1. Easter: Ok, so this is publishing after Easter, because, whoosh! Easter was so dang early this year! I see Easter as a time to bask in the blooms of Spring, pack a pastel picnic, and frolic with friends, as an honoring of this fertile time of year. Hail, Ostara! There were plenty of bunny-lewks this year (as always!), and other handmade crowns of flowers, chickadees and Springtime adornment

2. The Eclipse: The Eclipse was a BIG DEAL for us in Texas, and there were some of my near and dears who dressed for the occasion. Did you adorn your special Eclipse-viewing glasses? Did you dress as the moon or the sun? We always love a celestial theme, and these bodies will forever be inspiration to our costuming.

3. Beltane: Are you familiar with this Pagan holiday? It falls on May 1st, and is typically the fire festival celebrating fertility, abundance, and a the plantings for a good harvest. It marks the mid-way point between the Vernal Equinox and Summer Solstice, and celebrants dance around a May Pole (symbolizing weaving community and the rainbow phallus of fertility). If you don't have the community to go all in with a Green Man and May Queen, try wearing simple flower crowns with your friends and family. 

4. Derby Day: The Kentucky Derby opens the first Saturday in May with a "Run for the Roses" and whether you're traveling to Churchill Downs, or simply having your own Derby-themed party, this is the day to wear your finest fascinator! Are you going extra, over-the-top? Or do you prefer a more conservative and classy style?


5. Flipside: IYKYK! The burner community loves their local burn, which falls every year over Memorial Day weekend. Things are warming up by end of May, so our favorite accessories don't rely on too much clothing!


Are you feeling inspired by any of these occasions? Or do you have a special occasion of your own that you celebrate by wearing something special? We'd love to hear about what you're excited to dress for! Come down to our brick-n-mortar shop on E Cesar Chavez st in Austin, or visit our sister shop in downtown Denver, and let us help you find something special to dazzle in! xo

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