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House of Kerosene: R'Oud Elements

100ml edp

R`oud Elements is a certifiably fabulous, nose-hair tingling oud. A smoldering scent, R’oud Elements slowly subsides into a velvety down.

Oud is an obvious note at the outset of this fragrance, a funky nugget of lactic cool. Cedar filters some of oud’s more gregarious animalism. As cedar wreaths and softens oud, it simultaneously introduces us to the effervescent, powdery sandalwood.

Sandalwood is the verdant, crisp counterpoint to oud, and this multifaceted surface ensures that this R’oud Elements stays aggressive, but never grows feral on skin.

Amber fortifies this rich composition, refracting the diverse complexity of its various woods through its sepia warmth. Vanilla soothes and synthesizes, a balm after the intensity of more searing elements. Lavender echoes sandalwood’s pristine structure, augmenting this clean arrangement with a floral flair.

Iris takes up lavender’s blooming invitation and engenders a floral softening that is buttery and lush. An uplifting accent of orange bitters highlights the contrast between soft and stark notes.

Powerful, embracing and androgynous, R’oud Elements wears like a seamless layer of armor, protecting while it remains pliant. A long-lasting, assertive reworking of a classic note.

Notes: Oud, Cedar, Sandalwood, Amber, Vanilla, Lavender, Iris, Orange Bitters

Raw, unique, and approachable are perfumer John Pegg's guiding principles. Each bottle of eau de parfum is painted with high-quality automotive paint and a clear coat, with a hand-stamped brass label.


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House of Kerosene: R'Oud Elements