We turned 7!

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Sometimes it feels like just yesterday that we opened our little shop on Cesar Chavez; other days, it feels like we should be celebrating our 70th birthday... I suppose that goes with the territory of running your own biz. Still, I feel so fortunate that we have made it past the hump of those first couple years when you either make it or break it...

I attribute the success we've enjoyed thus far to the organic manner in which we've been able to grow. When I first opened our doors in May of 2010, I had no idea what I was doing! We also didn't have any customers, so I was able to learn by trial and error as we went, with little to no audience there to witness my failures. Sharing space with Lulubelle Salon and Charm School Vintage also allowed for us to support each other and learn from each other's successes and missteps as we went, and sharing our rent and bills was no small blessing!

Now as we enter year 8, so much is new and different and we are bracing ourselves for the next chapter! Cesar Chavez is a much different street than what it was when we first opened. While we do love feeling a part of a bustling business district, we are saddened that many of the residents and business owners who were here long before us have had to move on due to outrageous rent and property tax increases. We will be experiencing an extreme rent increase ourselves, as well as an expansion, but trust that our amazing community and clientele will see us through this new transition...

We're super excited to share all the newness with you all, but until then...

Here's a little video of our party, shot and edited by my boo, Justin Wilson:






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