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Clown Workshop Ticket

On Thursday, May 17th, 7-10pm, two of our favorite clowns about town will be joining us to teach a makeup workshop more fun than getting pied in the face! They'll be covering different tips and techniques of base application, eyebrow blocking and embellishing, down to how to affix your new nose. Once we're finished with our application, we'll treat you to a clown photoshoot!
But there are so many clowns to choose from, so we ask that you step up to our Hogwart's Sorting Hat for Clowns to determine which style you'd like to focus on:
Are you a crusty wanderer, given to fits of melancholy? Do you prefer well-worn threads to shiny newness? Are you a traveler with a thirst for hooch? Move over, boho; you're a Hobo!
Are you an introvert? Do you prefer alone time to hanging with friends? Are you accused of being "in your head" and would you describe your style as "minimalist?" You're a mime, darling!
Are you a wistful romantic francophile? Living for classic black and white style? Does your heart break easily? Pierrot clown, c'est toi!
Are you the life of the party? A goofball at heart? Maybe a little clumsy? A trickster? Do you love all the colors of the rainbow and want to run away to the circus?? August / Payaso/a is your name!
Are you a flirtatious femme or bedazzling boi? Do you find ways to be extra for any occasion? Do you inspire others in your manifestations of beauty and delight? Watch out world, you're a Glamour Clown!
There are limited spaces for this workshop, so we ask that you purchase your tickets (and tell us what kind of clown you are in the comment box) in advance! We will be providing you with makeup, but you'll need to bring your own brushes.
Tickets: $40
clown white makeup
clown pink
black face paint for details and lining
a ProKnows nose of your choosing!
photo shoot
You'll be invited to use our testers if you want to add color to your look, or purchase additional makeup while you're here with a 15% discount.
Clown Workshop Ticket