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Cleansing + Protection Workshop

Thursday Oct. 12th 7:30-9pm

Embark on a transformative journey with our Spiritual Cleansing and Protection workshop. Dive deep into both ancient wisdom and modern methods of purifying both your inner self and your sacred spaces. 

This class is created for anyone who identifies as having sensitivities, whether empathic, dabble in the witchy, or are attuned to sensing surrounding energies. Do you work in the service industry? We interact with a lot of people and having a cleansing practice can help preserve your energy if you often feel drained (beyond the normal work-related fatigue) after a shift.

We'll be delving into different techniques and you'll have the opportunity to craft your own bespoke cleansing bath salt, infused with intention and purpose! 

Join us for this immersive experience and empower yourself with tools to cultivate serenity, strength, and spiritual well-being.

$10 Supplies + $35 Tuition

Only 13 spots open! Non-refundable, but you're welcome to transfer your reservation to a friend if you can't make it.

About our instructor, Nicole Riccardo:

Nicole is the psychic medium & paranormal investigator for RGO & ParaPeculiar - Nicole has been featured on Fox, Austin Monthly, radio, and on paranormal panels including Ethereal Horror Fest and RTX Podcast & Gaming Convention. She's a practicing witch and patient instructor, and we're so excited to have her here leading our workshops this month! Check out the other offerings from this series:

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Disclaimer: this class is meant for entertainment purposes only

Cleansing + Protection Workshop