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4oz Zodiac Sign Tin Candles

SCORPIO 🜄 Water Sign October 23—November 21 You are passionate, devoted, perceptive, bold yet secretive, & deeply attentive. NOTES Sage. Comes with Affirmation: I desire the anchoring depths of truth & understanding. May I wield my passion & intensity with clear intention. May I temper fierceness by resting in acceptance & great kindness.

SAGITTARIUS 🜂 Fire Sign November 22—December 21 You are ambitious, logical, a lover of pleasures, and ready to act without delay. NOTES Lavender, Copal, & Sandalwood. Comes with the affirmation: I understand the complexities of this world & life. May I foster curiosity & lift others with my warmth & laughter. May I see the realities of any challenge as useful paths toward solutions.

CAPRICORN 🜃 Earth Sign December 22—January 19 You are strategic, confident, helpfully patient & organized. NOTES Orange, Cedar, & Pine. Comes with Affirmation: I utilize the calm center of any situation as a place of strength. May I lead by an example of quiet ease. May I be willing to soften in the presence of vulnerability and love.

INGREDIENTS Non-gmm soy wax, organic coconut oil, organic essential oils. BURN TIME 20 to 30 hours

4oz Zodiac Sign Tin Candles
4oz Zodiac Sign Tin Candles